Ceramic coatings add a hard layer to paintwork, plastic trims , wheels and glass that helps repel contamination, dirt and dust & increases shine. They also protect the surface from UV damage and add protection against light swirls.

Wax vs. Sealant vs. Ceramic CoatingSynthetic Sealants & Waxes. Short-term protection, easy application. Examples: Beading Marvellous, Carnauba wax Organic waxes and synthetic sealants offer short-term protection against the elements. Where traditional organic waxes offer high shine & typically last 1-3 months, Synthetic Sealants often last longer as they give a boost of SiO2 which provides instant hydrophobic effects and deep shine and gloss from paintwork. Quartz Spray Coatings An interim between a synthetic sealant & true ceramic coating, saving time whilst providing medium resistance & longevity. Quartz spray sealants are designed to provide excellent levels of protection and shine in an easy to use, time saving package. The SiO2 base often provides excellent water beading and sheeting properties, with our example having high water contact angle from 100 degrees to ensure your vehicle stays as dry as possible.