Glass Coatings


Living in the Oxfordshire, Berkshire area, you will already know how “hard” our water is – (over 276ppm) of hard water minerals such as calcium and magnesium. For comparison, the Pure water we use to wash our cars has less than 0.02 PPM. Hard water limescale coupled with “acid rain”, very often cannot be removed with normal washing and polishing. At OCD we have discovered one of the few products that help us in one of the hardest tasks. We apply the product by massaging it into the glass and then buffing off leaving a perfect decontaminated free surface.

Next we apply a ceramic coating to the glass making wet weather driving both safer and less tiring. Also keeps windscreens cleaner for longer and makes bugs and ice easy to clean off. No smears and wiper blade proof. The glass becomes super hydrophobic and wiper blade use can be significantly reduced as the super hydrophobic properties of the coating start at speeds as low as 30MPH, visibility is increased creating a safer driving experience.