Stage One Enhancement Detail

Car Size: S £275 / M £300 / L £350 / XL £400

(See base of page for car sizes)

This package is the first step in our paint correction service and is also a good option if you are looking at selling your car or returning a lease vehicle. Enhancement Detail is designed for vehicles that don’t require full paint correction; it includes a single stage machine polish that seeks to bring back the gloss and shine to the paintwork. It will remove light wash marring and surface scratches but not deeper scratches. A great package for those new to Detailing and anyone working around a budget.

Included in this service:

•multi-stage safe wash

•wheels cleaned & decontaminated (including inside rims)

•entire vehicles paint decontaminated (using iron fallout remover, tar remover then clayed to leave paint spotlessly clean and smooth as glass)

•gloss enhancing paint sealant applied

•tyres& wheel arches dressed

•windows polished inside

•engine cleaned, degreased and all plastics/hoses conditioned

•door shuts and jambs cleaned

•full interior vacuumed and dusted

•all internal surfaces cleaned: dash, door cards, centreconsole etc.

•carpets/upholstery shampooed and extracted or steam cleaned (whichever is most suitable)

•leather seats cleaned


photo of Jaguar Car before Car detailing treatmentphoto of Jaguar Car after Car detailing treatment

- S (Small): small compact vehicle
- M (Medium): Average sized hatchback 
- L (Large): Large saloon or estate

- XL: (Extra large): SUV

*Sizes are subject to review of individual vehicle.

OCD car detailing size chart