Thorough safe wash and chemical decontamination, sealant for up to 12 months protection. We apply a full vehicle sealant across paintwork & glass surfaces to protect against tree fallout, bird bombs & other environment contamination. The sealant we apply will provide up to 12 months protection. We also protect the interior surfaces with a treatment that leaves a non-greasy and non-shiny finish. All exterior plastics are protected. We finish this package with a final detail, that includes a wheel wax.

Car Size: S £175 / M £200 / L £225 / XL £250

Estimated Time: 4 -5 hours

Regularity: Every 3 months for a daily driven vehicle

“I recently used OCD detailing to help prepare a car for a road rally across Europe and Ciaran did a superb job. Right from my first point of contact he really was going out of his way to help as much as he possibly could and the final preparation on the car did us proud. I really cannot recommend OCD detailing enough” Steve Brock

 -PH Neutral Snow Foam Pre
-Wash Entire Vehicle
-High Pressure Water Blast Rinse *(using “Pure water”)
-Under Guard Citrus Spray & Pressure Wash
-Ph Neutral Wheel Scrub (Front Face & Barrel)
-Tyre Scrub
-Two-Bucket Method PH Neutral Hand Shampoo
-Clean Wiper Blade Rubber & Door Jambs
-Interior Vacuum
-Tyre Protectant Application
-Protect visible underguardareas
-Exterior & Interior Glass Clean
-Exhaust Polish
-Wheel Wax Application
-Paint Sealant Application-Exterior Rain Aid Glass Treatment
-Exterior Plastics Treatment
-Dashboard & Centre Console Brush & Clean
-Dashboard & Centre Console Protectant
-Door Card Brush & Clean
-Door Card Protectant

*Pure Water -Purified water is water that’s free from any impurities. Impurities commonly found in ordinary tap water are minerals such as Calcium, Magnesium, Sodium, Potassium and Phosphorus. These minerals are perfectly safe to drink, however when it comes to cardetailing they are not ideal due to how they dry. When non-purified water dries, the minerals become visible, leaving spot marks on the surface. This obviously doesn’tlook good and also means the car will get dirty again quicker, as impurities from rain water and dust etc, are more likely to cling on to the windows & bodywork if its covered in impurities

- S (Small): small compact vehicle
- M (Medium): Average sized hatchback 
- L (Large): Large saloon or estate

- XL: (Extra large): SUV

*Sizes are subject to review of individual vehicle.

OCD car detailing size chart