Stage Two Minor Correction Detail

This package includes a comprehensive two stage machine polish to your vehicle.The first machine polish stage restores the paint and removes up to>80% of the surface defects. The second stage is a further machine polish to refine the finish and will make your paintwork “pop”. If you like to keep your vehicle defect free all year round this package is an excellent choice and as any impact to paint / clear coat thickness is minimal is suitable as an annual service.

Car Size: S £500 / M £600 / L £650 / XL £700

Estimated Time: 2 -3 days

Regularity: Every 6 months for daily driven vehicles (12 months for a weekend car)

“I can’t recommend Ciaran & OCD enough! He did a fantastic job on my Evo. Brought the paintwork back to life & all in good time for a meet tomorrow. Ciaran is a car enthusiast like myself and strives for perfection in what he does. I’ve had my car valeted by many people over the years but nothing comes close to Ciaran’s work. His energy and enthusiasm is refreshing to see. Someone who enjoys what they do! If you want your car valeted or detailed then look no further…. Obsessed Car Detailing is the place to go!” Henry Garth

- S (Small): small compact vehicle
- M (Medium): Average sized hatchback 
- L (Large): Large saloon or estate

- XL: (Extra large): SUV

*Sizes are subject to review of individual vehicle.

OCD car detailing size chart