By the time a new vehicle reaches it’s first owner, it often has attracted considerable contamination from the transportation process & even swirls from dealer preparation. Our New Car Paint Protection addresses this, and includes a long-lasting Ceramic Coating to help your paintwork remain looking like new for as long as possible.We firstly decontaminate the exterior of the vehicle to remove any contamination buildup from the transportation stage, and leave a flat surface for polishing & coating. The paintwork is then refined to remove any marring and provide a deep gloss ready for coating. The final step on the paintwork is the application of one of our ceramic coatings. These both provides a high level of protection from the elements & leaves a deep shine on the paintwork.

You can even have your car delivered to us, so that it is protected before it touches the roads!

For examples of our New Car Paint Protection, see here. Estimated Time: 2 -5 days depending on preparation & coating chosen.Regularity: Once for a new vehicle, followed by regular maintenance.

“I’ve had my car back from Obsessed Car Detailing for six months now and the Ceramic coating they applied has been amazing. I wash it myself and it so much easier and seeing the water beading always make me smile”