Engine Bay Detailing  

So we have perfected and spent hours on the outside of your car, but what about the engine bay? Although this is an area that is not seen very often unless you attend lots of shows and have done numerous modifications it may be unlikely that you have ever cleaned the engine. Your view could be that as it has lots of intricate parts it will take a long time to clean or you’re perhaps concerned about having an adverse effect on the electrics so to be honest it gets overlooked.

OCD perform engine detailing to restore your engine bay to how it should look.

Our engine detail covers the main areas of the engine bay. We start with a snow foam of the bay to lift the light contamination and dust (all electrics are covered). This is followed by a brush clean and finalised with a protection of the plastics.

​The steps we take are as follows:​

  • Snow foam of engine bay (with electrics covered)
  • Comprehensive degrease of engine bay
  • Brush clean of engine covers, auxiliary components
  • Protection application on engine bay plastics

Prices start from £50 depending on the car and condition of the engine bay.