The OCD Studio has been designed as a multi-purpose facility; both a specialist detailing workshop and premium car care productcentre.​We employ the finest tools, products and techniques available, and are proud of the environment we work in.

We have state of the art security, including monitored alarm and internal & external CCTV

OCD car detailing didcot photograph of Defender
Photograph of Yellow Porsche Boxster OCD car detailing Oxfordshire


Our business is based on three key principals, we call the OCD Pillars:-Quality; consistently offering the highest quality services-Service; premium service befitting the nature of our work, surprising and delighting every time-Care; all work undertaken with utmost care in mind


The tools we employ are the best available, both in the UK and internationally. From our Rupes polishing systems, to our paint depth gauges,  commercial-grade Pure water and air dryer, swirl-finding LED lights and even our scissor lift​.

Having the best tools available enables us to consistently achieve the highest quality. 

Close up photograph of Lamborghini Dashboard
White Mercedes in Our Car detailing studio


We are very proud of our clean, uncluttered workspace, and firmly believe that a tidy workspace leads to tidy work. This theory includes a ‘place for everything’ -from our main polishing equipment right the way down to our individual equipment & safety gear. We have invested heavily into our studio, completely rewiring the space for high intensity lighting and building dedicated area creating the best environment for our work.

Everyone knows where everything is; and for us that means efficiency and appeals to obsessive nature for “pursuit of excellence”


Safety is paramount for us at OCD, and something we take seriously. We provide eye, hearing, hand and respiratory protection for our colleagues due to the nature of our work, and ensure this equipment is both up-to-date and of the highest quality available. In addition, all our colleagues are trained extensively on the hazards of the workplace to minimise risk of injury

Orange Lamborghini in Our detailing studio near Henley on Thames
White Mercedes in Our Car detailing studio


We at OCD are passionate about two things: our cars and our clients. This passion coupled with our experience drives us to seek out the best detailing products available. Everything we use at OCD is proven to gain the best results in the right hands. That said, we are also very conscious of the “environment” and ensuring the products we use provide efficient and economical cleaning while retaining its non-toxic, biodegradable and solvent free benefits

car detailing product photo
car detailing product photo